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(Super)car exhibition.

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This weekend there was (still is at the writing) a supercar exhibition. (a few more ordinary cars and a few motorcycles were available too.)


Two Koenigsegg cars, a SLR McLaren, four Lamorghinis (but no Rambo Lambo) a Tesla Roadster and some other cars.






For more pictures, see my gallery: http://www.bedug.com/jGallery/mph/index.html


I'm sorry for the darkness and some sloppy pictures, the lightning was not the best one, and freehand photo in bad light just sucks.


A good part was that they actually started one of the Koenigsegg cars and revved it a bit. I think I would want to have one as my other car. Too bad that it costs about SEK 9 million. (somewhat around US$ 1.2 million)


I can get 7 Maseratis for that price.

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