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Where to mount the amp and clean sweep?


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Ok guys, I need some thoughts. I have almost everything for my install now. The 50 sq feet of B-quiet should be here in the next few days. So far I have:

Install is on a 05 LGT

* JL clean sweep

*Infinity Reference 5350a 5 channel amp

*10" Rockford Sub in a sealed box

*4 x infinity reference 6.5" 6022si speakers

*2 x 12' RCA cables

*100' 16-2 speaker wire

*amp wiring kit

I am trying to figure out where to mount the amp and clean sweep. I am thinking mount the CS under the passenger seat and the amp in the trunk. I still need to be able to use the pass through space in the back seat and use of the trunk. I am not willing to loose the spare tire either.

The amp is 16.5" x 9" (it's big). It goes about half way across the pass through armrest which I need to be able to use for hockey sticks. I was thinking about mounting the amp upside down to the top of the trunk space. This way it is as out of the way as possible and stays cool. See picture:

I have been searching for ideas but am still looking for the best idea.

Any comments?


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It's probably still true today, but when I went through training I was told to never mount an amp upside down as the heat radiates to the heatsink and then back to the board where it can overheat the amp. Some amps would even have components fall off the board after a while (we were told). I'm sure the amp's instal manual will say whether or not upside mounting is a good idea.


Maybe get a wicked CAS box then build a rack to mount your amp vertically along the same side of the trunk as the sub?

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Underneath the front seats for the cleansweep, but I don't think the amp will fit, too wide. Another option would be to place your components in the tray above the spare tire. You can use the existing foam or your can completely replace it and still have access to the spare. As for the sub, I don't think you've got a choice besides either wheel well in the trunk.
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