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help with DDM HID on 99 LGT


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-i installed my ddm kit today, im having some trouble..

the hid's only work when fog lights are on. and if i turn the fogs off the hid's turn off also.

-im only getting one setting, weather it be high or low im not sure.

-i have the battery harness to hook it up with it

-so, on the main harness there is two grounds and one power, on the battery harness there is a ground and a power, am i supposed to hook up all of these?



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lol I didn't read the title... :lol:



well the harness should be hooked directly to the battery. I've never had a kit with 2 grounds but yours perhaps has grounds per fuse (if they are running 2 separate fuses per side).


If your only getting one setting and your headlamps don't have separate low and high beams bulbs then the problem you are running into could be the signaling for high beams.


Make sure that your high-beams aren't turned on if this is the case.


I've never owned an older legacy so I do not know about there wiring.

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after messing around with it, i found out one of the problems, the reason the headlights will only work with fog lights on is because there is no bulb plugged in to one of the sockets(old bulb socket) because the new harness only requires one socket. after pluging one of the old blubs in and letting it just sit there the HID work correcly, except im still not getting a high and low, just one setting.

so, can i wire that some how to stop that? or is there a bulb simulator that will fool it? anything else?


how do you tell if the bulbs are Bi-Xenon?

or what else could cause not getting both low and high?




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bulbs are not bi-xenon.


Bi-xenon setups are controlled by an electronic shield that drops down thus opening up the light output. If your car is designed with a single high/low bulb then it is meant to have the highbeams be the same bulb as the lowbeams which is accomplished by a dual filament bulb like those in brake lamps where 1 part of the bulb operates the low and the other part operates the high.


a HID bulb is a single unit and operates as such. Take a picture of your headlight and I'll tell you if you have a single bulb setup for high/lows. (old civics come with a single high/low setup)

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...I owned one...that is, before my wife totaled it...but look on the bright side, I drive a 05 LGT!


Anyways, we use the 9007 bulb which is a DUAL filament bulb...you will be sacrificing your hi beams for HID conversion...no and if or but! But let me tell you this ... it is well worth it! Stock lights can only see 10 feet in front of you at most.


What I ended up doing is converted my fogs to HID as well!


That should be enough light for you...you can go with a 35 watts or 55 watts H3 foglight hid kit for another $110 or $150...


but not for me, I had to take it to the next level, I removed my stock fogs and replaced it with Raybrig 3" round hid Kit...and PIAA driving HID kit I installed in the center airdam and aimed them upwards to act as my high beams...if I can find a pic I'll post it! this is back in 2000-2001 when HID kits were 500-800 a pop! :O






BTW, on my 05 LGT I have 3" projector lens from a 5-series BMW retro fitted with D2S 35watts HID kit 4300K color temp...and because of the custom Turbo XS FMIC I had to remove my OEM fogs but replaced it with a retro Optilux 1600 foglight housing with an integrated apexcone H3 HID Kit at 4300K color temp. Hi beams are Sylvania Silverstar Ultra...currently working on some type of hi output for my shitzu reverse light...maybe an HID KIT...who knows! ;)

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i never installed a high low switch, unless its build in to the harness, i never received one. ill pm him and see what he says.


everything is plug and play, dont think you can possible cross wires, but ill double check all of it.


the problem is im getting one setting, high or low idk, hope its low lol.

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