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TPMS question on 09 legacy?


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my 09 legacy has TPMS standard.. question though, if i get soem cheap steelies with snow tires, can i run those without the sensors? will the car go crazy with the annoying chirping every 2 seconds if TPMS sensors are not installed..??
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Does the 09 TPMS chirp (on top of flashing)???? Holy crap, what a royal pain. I think some one needs to offer a reward for whoever figures out how to disable the TPMS computer completely.


Now, it may be that it chirps (if it does so at all) only when it senses a low tire, not when it doesn't find sensors. I know that the behavior of our 07 TPMS is different in the two circumstances -- it flashes quickly for a low tire and flashes slowly (and only after ~10 miles of driving) when it doesn't find sensors.


Anyway, if it just flashes, you can ignore it or put tape over the warning light. HPH

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