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Question - Hope someone can help


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So i'm looking to get new wheels for my legacy, i'm planning on using the same tires that i have now, running stock Advan A82A 205/50 r17.


I want to get 17x7, my biggest question is what is the lowest acceptable offset? most people are saying that i can go as low as 45mm, just wondering if anyone has any insight into this.



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Thanks, i've already taken a look at that sticky the only problem that i have is just trying to find the right information regarding my car. Most of the better information in that sticky is from 2004, while the car that i'm driving is a 2008


That sticky is written for any of the 2005-present Legacies. Therefore, your car fits the same guidelines.


EDIT - Didn't notice until know you have a 2.5i. I would think offsets would be pretty much the same, however. According to that database 17x7.0 are good from +37 to +57

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