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new cadillac DTS

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Well, perhaps the almost but not quite new DTS. Is it me, or does the rear end look just like the last iteration of the Impala? :eek:


2006 Cadillac DTS


Also, doesn't the center console look straight out of a new VW?


What do you guys think?

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*drool* V-series...sure, if we can't wedge an LS1 in there, we'll just supercharge a Northstar! Mmmm...


The LSx motors are small in size, the Northstar is huge compared to it.


I think the DTS is a fine addition to the lineup of the CTS and STS. V-series so soon on the DTS? I don't have any info on it. I think the 300 hp V-8 will just be a better tuned NA Northstar to move that car because it will be heavy. For a DTS-V I'm thinking they take the Escalade V engine and stuff it in there. ;)

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