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Boxer badging?


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I'm just playing around with this idea. I'm still thinking about leaving the 2.5 GT letters on the back and getting another badge to go above it. I was thinking about getting the letters for 'BOXER' and putting that there. I took out the letters on a picture I found on the forums and recreated some new text that is approximately the same size. The 2.5 GT part matched up pretty well anyway. My chrome feature is on my photoshop at home, so this was as good as I could do.




It kind of grows on you. It looks better almost when the picture is smaller. Kind of a 'from a distance' view.




It kind of grows on me if I look at it long enough. What do you think? The letters would be chrome just like the factory ones. It wouldn't look as bad as what I did on Photoshop.


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