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engine management problem

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I am new to Subaru Ownership.

I have a year 2000 model Legacy TS-R with 2000 cc NA engine which I belive has variable valve timing. The car has manual transmission.


It has a slight engine management fault when I drive the car hard.

I have noticed that when I drive very hard at high revs (overtaking a string of traffic), when I try to slow down, the engine holds the revs. When I experience this, if I press the clutch down and free rev the engine, the revs do not reduce rapidly and smoothly as they should. The engine slows down and then holds for a fraction of a second at 5000 rpm, 4200 rpm, 3100 rpm etcetera. This only happens for a minute or so after I have driven the har really hard, for example overtaking up a hill and taking the engine to 6000 rpm. The problem goes away after I have driven normaly (cruising at 110 kph) for a minute or two. I have seen the engne management light flick on a couple of times when I have been driving up a steep mountain road.


I have also noticed that it is sluggish at low revs (below 3000 rpm), expecially when the engine is very cold. I have only driven this TS-R, so I don't have much to compare it to, but it does seem to be lacking power as if the valve timing is not adjusting properly. I don't know if this is related to the first problem.


I hope I have explained that clearly.


The previous owner told me about a similar problem which he said went away when he took the car to a couple of garages and they checked /replaced various sensors.


I think it must be a sensor somewhere. Any advice on what to check, would be much appreciated.


I live in Auckland,NZ. Anyone know a good garage to take it to?

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