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AT Oil Light?


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Just wondering if any of you can help me out here. My wife's 00' outback 4cyl has had this happen 2-3 times now. She says the AT oil Temp light flashes...


Anyone know if there are common problems with the tranny/ AT oil light with these things?


Any suggestions on what i should check first?





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normal driving, she doesn't know if it came on when she started it up, or while she was driving....


it drove with no problems (shifting wise)...


last night i took it out and drove in tight circles, no binding and no resistance....so it's not the Duty C solenoid, unless it acts up occasionally

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And I assume you've already checked the fluid level at both warm and cold temperature and it's where it should be? Also assuming it wasn't terribly hot. I really have no idea other than a possible faulty AT temperature sensor but in that case I'd expect more lights to come on the dash such as SES. I'd have it looked at if it does it again.
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