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Cobb Catted DP question


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I just picked up a used cobb catted downpipe from a fellow board member. It doesn't seem to have a hole for an O2 sensor after the cat. Is that normal? The dp pictured on the cobb site does show a rear O2 sensor hole. This is for an 08 spec b.


I haven't crawled under the car yet, but would just assume there should be a sensor after the cat?


Is there any sense in replacing the gaskets when swapping the dp out? The car has about 8k miles on it.

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i am doing mine full cobb tbe this weekend. my car has 9k on it.i ordered a new dp gasket from 5 star performance just to be safe.my cobb downpipe has a bung after the cat and one up top with a plug in it.
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