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Converting a 3.0R outback suspension to a LGT suspension. What parts to change?


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Calling outback suspension guru's...


If you wanted to convert an 05 3.0R outback sedan in to a Lgt suspension wise, meaning ride height and suspension geomerty, and run lgt size wheels an tires, what parts would have to be changed?


I will picking up a 3.0R ouback sedan in a week or so and i want to do this. i want to put LGT strut/springs on it and run lgt rims and tire sizes. will it be wise to also put in LGT F+R control arms or will the strut and wheel swap be enough?

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Outback peeps don't know shit. Any sane person decided to wait for a good LGT wagon :lol:


Roughly it involves:


- rip off rear bodylift (spacers between rear subframe and body)

- replace trailing arm support (the hinge the arm is attached to the body) - trailing arm is the same

- replace upper lateral links

- upper rear subframe support

- front is less involved, just the LCA support plates are different for some reason, front control arms are the same, that must mean Outback has truly garbage positive camber galore geometry


Finally, you would have to replace diffs if you want to have sane gear ratio on LGT sized wheels. Not sure about the slushbox OB, but MT has 1:4.44 instead of 1:4.11.


There was a pdf document with part diagarams that was floating with vacation pix you might find useful.

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Sorry for the post on a _very_ old thread... but I've been searching and searching and this is the closest thing I can find on _any_ forum.


Essentially, I need to change out my suspension on my '05 OBXT to a Legacy suspension. Is the list given here comprehensive? I really don't care about the wheels and tires... I'm happy enough with the wheels and tires, but I'm really unhappy with the suspension and I have blown shocks anyhow... I need it to be streetable so coilovers are out of the question. Essentially, I just need to put a Legacy suspension on it... my wife is going to driving it for the most part.


The OB suspension is so squishy mushy icky and with the rear steering it's notorious for, I'm either getting the Legacy suspension on it or I'm getting rid of the car.


So, if you have any more comprehensive info (or a link to it), I would be really, really, _really_ grateful.


Thanks in advance, guys!

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