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WRX fuel pump in a BD

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sorry, no pictures tonight but ill get there eventually...




tools required:

*phillips head

*small sockets

*something that cuts plastic

*eye protection



work in a well ventilated space


before you get going, depressurize your fuel system by popping off your gas cap, unplug a power source for the fuel pump* and start the car. let it die


*one plug is on the assembly you will remove (see below), one is under the back seat (white plug) and one is behind a kicker panel up front (green plug). consult your haynes manual


1. To access the fuel pump assembly, fold down your rear seat (of you have it, otherwise, remove the rear seat) and look under the trunk carpeting on the passenger side.


2. Remove the four screws holding down the metal cover. Pull the cover and the foam surround out to expose the assembly


3. Pop off the electrical plug and the 3 rubber lines. YANK like a mofo on them and keep your face away or wear something on your eyes (trust me). Theyre on there REAL tight.


4. Take a socket to the little nuts on the outside of the assembly and pull it straight up and off the threaded studs.


5. Watch the wires and fuel lines, slide them out of the way, once up over those, turn the assembly 90 degrees to clear the hole and wiggle it until its out. The floaty level thing might get stuck, depending on the level of fuel, just take it slow.


6. BE CAREFUL inside your car with this thing because the hard lines, filter sock and pump have gas in them so keep it upright and walk it out with the rag under it.


7. With the assembly out on a clean, dry working surface, you can start getting the pump off. Notice the legacy pump is much larger and different then the wrx one.


8. Take your phillips and a socket or some pliers/crescent wrench to the nuts and bolts on the wires to free them from the pump. keep track of the little bits.


9. Remove the metal circle thing from the plastic post on the bottom that keeps the sock down- dont mess it up too bad


10. Get the clamps off the fuel line and slide it off. That's it, pump out.


11. The wrx pump accepts a special plug. F that. Get your cutting tool (try a fine hacksaw blade or something. i used a dremel cutting wheel) and cut the vertical plastic parts to leave only the metal prongs (dont cut down into the pump or slice up the tube-thing for the sock)


12. Drill out the metal prongs JUST big enough to get the bolt through, there wont be much room so punch it through the center.


13. Connect the wires up onto the metal bits


14. Reuse the rubber hose and the sock and the metal thing that hold the sock on


15. Stick the rubber base onto the bottom, aligning it to the metal and the pump- the sock will be askew


re-assemble and fire it up :)

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