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Hks evc 6


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I'm trying to wire up this EBC on my 05 LGT and I need some help on locating the signals.

The manual says I need the Throttle Input and Speed/RPM input and 12 volt Ignition wire. Where can I get access to these wires inside the cabin? What colors are they?


Also, will I get any CELs from hooking this EBC up?

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Original links by RobY no longer valid, but IIRC, on the last page, there's a valid outlink on RapidShare or something similar.


That should also give you the ECU pinouts.






I've got nothing on the throttle input in that one, but there's a pinout reference for the '05 LGT (mine, keep in mind, was an early 04 build) for the engine-speed/RPM.


Don't know if this will help you much. Best of luck!

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