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quick question...


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Can i get someone to do a quick measurement for me?


I need to order a rear seat cover for my 09 LGT, so i can take my Dog in the car without hurting the leather seats.

Problem is... there is no Legacy model. just dimensions...


Can i get someone to measure the back seat width? :lol:

the one I'm thinking of getting has a 48", 54" and 60" width version. Cars101 has almost every dimension listed... except the rear bench width. i assume it would be the 54" since the shoulder room is 53.7" but shoulder is not seat width.


I don't have the car yet, and i need to order this to get here before i get the car. if my Dog hears keys rattle... she's very stubborn.

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thats almost what i'm looking to get, but i don't like the hammock style.

it says 56" wide, how does it fit on the seat? hang over or just enough to cover the seat?


and i have to post this :lol:

I saw this as i scrolled down the page.


My Dog would eat the cable as i was driving down the road lol.

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