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What Grille is this?


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It's a JDM Spec B grille.


Gonna cost you a lot more than the price of the grille, because you either have to do a full front end conversion -- or modify the hell out of your front end to make the bumper fit.

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That freakin' car is beautiful.... I cant take it!


Tommy (mrluv) has done an incredible job.


There have been a number of pics floating around.


He's a good guy. I'm sure if you send him a pm he will get you some more pics.

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Hey fastone. Thats the REV-D Spec-B grill, the STI badge is the 08 USDM STI sports grill badge same for the rear STi badge. I got the grill from Seoul Sista she got it from disco wagon he got it from someone that got it from uncle matt. I intended buying it from him when he 1st got it but didnt have the money at the time and wasnt sure if the fitment was good, when its all said in done I shoulda bought it when it first started floating.
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