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Wiring question


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Does anyone know if there is a reverse light control wire running in the center console? Maybe something that activates the lights when the car is put into reverse? Would someone be able to identify the color and location of it.


I know someone who lost their reverse lights recently and aren't sure how. I'm concerned that during his stereo installation a wire got cut accidentally. Thanks, this is for a 2005 Subaru Outback.

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Is this car automatic or manual? I'm not sure how Subaru does their wiring but older stick vehicles have switches in the shifter so when you drop it into reverse it triggers the lights. Maybe this wire was cut. It probably gets electronically triggered these days directly from the transmission. Just a thought.


Also another thought is the e-brake. I noticed on my car when you engage the e-brake it turns off the daytime running lights. Maybe it also assumes that if you have the e-brake on you won't be doing much in reverse either. Makes sense safety wise. If you drive a manual car and you park it in gear (reverse) as soon as you apply the e-brake you'd want it to shut off.


These are just random crazy ideas, I have no experience in this matter :)

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