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JDM 2.0GT 5EAT with turbo back and no tune. Any major problems in my logs?


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I've been running a full turbo back system (catted) for awhile now along with a drop in panel filter. I have not given my car a tune yet due to the limited tuners and tuning options available here in Hong Kong especially for the CANbus Subarus.


I have just ran a couple of logs to see if I am running into any major problems here and noted that I am unable to obtain an IAM of 1 and I am also experiencing quite a little bit of knocking during my normal driving (none showed up during the WOT pulls though). Sometimes I would also experience some extreme boost spikes while changing gears (as high as 1.35 bars or 19.5 PSI) but it wasn't that severe during the two logging sessions.


Made two long logging sessions so far and this:


includes a 2nd gear pull up a gentle incline at time 818549 to 826936

a 2nd gear pull on a flat road at time 1848708 to 1857730

and a not so well executed 3rd gear pull at time 1637776 to 1649280


and this:


is a second log but with no WOT pulls.

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Well aside from some drivability issues you don't seem to be pulling massive amounts of timing due to knock. A tune for the panel filter and turboback as you know would fix your problems. Im wondering if you should switch back to the OEM filter in the interim since we don't know if you are running lean A/F ratios during WOT.
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In the first WOT run at time 818549, there is no knock.


In the second 2nd gear WOT run, there is a knock at time 1851504.


In the third gear WOT run, there is no knock.


You have a lot of knocking in the low load region. The ecu is ignoring it. The timing seems high given the load, but that could be how the JDM cars are set up. In any case, the ecu is NOT pulling timing in this region because it is below the stock knock sensitivity threshold.


You do have some partial throttle knocking going on. Do a learning view using merchgod's learning viewer.

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Thank you for all the inputs.


I will probably leave the panel filter in since I am not knocking too much during the WOT pulls and the A/F ratio is being maintained at richer than 11.12 which I guess should be enough. If it is excessively lean, I think it would start to knock a lot more.


Indeed, all those partial throttle knock and low load knock are getting a little worrying for me right now. The knock counter appears to just increase at random as I drive. Every time when I look at it after driving for a few minutes, it would have increased.


This is a CANbus vehicle so I am using the tactrix 2.0 cable which isn't supported by learning view yet. However, I'll be running it as soon as it is available for the 2.0 cable.

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