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I talked to my Subi dealer.


He told me that the last 2005 Legacy's will ship in April (last chance for hard to get colors, etc.).


The 2006 will arrive in June, with real quantities starting end of July. He told me no real changes since the dealers will be dealing with the SUV and the redesigned Impresa/WRX.


He told me that the reason they didn't have a NAV system, was that it was too expensive. Sounded like BS to me. Still, he told me the SOA still has not confirmed that the NAV system will be availible.


He did tell me the new WRX will have a front end and interior like the SUV, Alfa Romero looking.

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Thought the body redesign for the Impreza would come for MY07 or 08...


I think the MY06 NA EJ25s will get a bump in power, as well as the MY06 WRX to have the JDM 250hp-250tq EJ205 engine. Time will tell.


What dealer/person did you talk to?

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It was the Ventura, CA. Subi dealer.


He told me that since changing the front of the Impreza last year, sales slowed, so they are pushing to get the new Impreza out quicker.


I really want to know what 06 Legacy changes there will be.


If they are going to have 06 in June-July, then we should get the details by March/April.


Maybe sooner?!?!

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The WRX will not get the JDM 2.0L WRX tune. Why? Because it's largely based on fuel quality. So we will either see a 2.5L engine in the WRX or likely no change for this model year.


The Forester redesign has been relased in Japan. Go to the SOJ website for details. Looks kinda Infiniti/Nissan-ish/industrial up front, I like it about the same as the current, maybe the current just a hair more.


Not likely to see much for changes to the 06 Legacy, too many other significant things on their plate to change what is already a decent selling model for them IMO. Little things will be changed, but I'm ruling out much of anything significant.

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If my dealer had that when I was shopping for my Legacy, I would've jumped at that. Two tone beige interior, navi, XT model, huge sunroof... I would be going crazy with it on some dirt trails and stuff :D


:end daydream


> Back to reality




- Mike

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