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Cut-out at 5k / CEL problem?

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So today I was getting on the highway and was at about 5,500rpms in 3rd gear (it was under 6k) and the car instantly lost all power and seemed to die (it was still running though), the check engine light came on and the cruise light started to slowly blink. I pulled over and looked around and didn't see any piping or hoses or anything that was off. I started heading home again and it seemed to be running fine, sounded fine and everything, just the CEL was still on and the cruise light was still blinking. I decided to get on it to see how the car felt at higher rpms and around 5k or so in both 3rd and 5th the car felt like it had a hesitation or like it was misfiring or something, but it was not nearly as dramatic as the first time, it just felt like a quick hesitation or a "bucking" almost.


I got the car home and looked again for loose hoses or anything and didn't see anything was loose. I looked online and people say that the cruise light blinks whenever the CEL comes on, so I hopped back to take it around the neighborhood and see how it felt since it seemed to be running OK. I got it to 5k-5,500rpms in 2nd and didn't feel that same hesitation like I did on the way home after everything happened... the car sounded and felt completely fine and normal. So I came home and looked again for hoses or leaking or anything and again saw nothing, so I disconnected the battery. After letting it sit for a little while, I started the car up and the CEL is now gone, but the car has not been run nearly enough to see if any CEL would come back on (I let it sit for approx. 5 min. and revved it up to about 2k-2,500rpms) and it sounded a little rough, but I figure that's due to the car having to re-learn everything.


I guess the only thing I can do is drive the car and see how it feels for a little while (I think it takes 100 miles or so for the car to throw any codes that it would) and see if the CEL comes back. Do you guys have any idea what could have happened or have any suggestions for what I should do? I wanted to clear the code and see if it threw the code again on startup, but I don't know if disconnecting the battery was the right thing to do or if I should have just left it...


Sorry for the long post, I'm just rather aggravated and kind of dejected...

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Well, I probably would have pulled the code to see what the problem was before you cleared it off like that.


Most autostores (autozone, pepboys, strauss, etc.) will pull it for free for you if you just ask them about it. Or you could use the onboard obd2 scanner that's built into the 05's but that's something for you to look up and fine (requires plugging two white connectors together that are in the fusebox by your left knee when in the driver's chair).

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I would drive it "normal" for a few miles and then see if you can get it to pop again. Next time the CEL/flashing cruise comes on; go to the nearest parts store and use their "OBDII Code Reader" to pull the diagnostic code off the car. Bring that back here and we'll see what the masses have to say about it. Could be bad gas, MAF sensor, vacuum line...


Some other minor details would help too:

How many miles on car?

What transmission?(stick I assume)

Any recent service performed?

Have you ever had the spark plugs changed?

Any engine modifications?

Do you have a laptop and a logging cable?

Let's kick this pig!
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