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What cable do I need to buy for mickeyd tune?


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I am not sure why nowhere on this forum this information isn't clearly spelled out? :confused:


I go to Tactrix's website and I click on Legacy GT 05-06 and I am taken to a screen that offers 5 products, none of which are a "cable".


Do I need to purchase the Open Port 2.0 device to work with RomRaider? The $169 one?


If not, where in the hell can a 2005 Legacy GT owner buy this elusive "Tactrix cable"?

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They do not make the v.1 tactrix cable anymore, only the 2.0. If you don't want to spend the 170 you will have to source a used one.


However, $170 + free software + some time = great bang-for-the-buck.


I agree, the $170 is pretty reasonable. I just wanted to be sure that is actually what I need to buy! :)


Quick question:


My brother bought a Tactrix cable about 2 years ago for his 2002 WRX. Is it likely I can use that same cable? Do I risk damaging anything if I try to use that cable with RomRaider and my 05 Legacy GT?

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