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splitting hairs rpf1's


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I am getting enkei rpf1's for my outback they fit in the "light and affordable category" they will be for summer tires. the splitting hairs deal is that they are available in 17x8 +45 or 17x 7.5 +48 the latter being closest to stock.

does is work out that +3mm wider stance plus the (1 inch wider wheel) (stock is 7inch wide) 25.4mm= ~ 15mm wider (for the 17x8 +45 ) and I can just go out to my car and measure 15mm out and see if anything will rub or mess with fenders... or am I missing something?

its an outback so no I will not be racing anything anytime soon I just want as much info as possible before I drop $800 on new wheels.



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snodork you read my mind especially since I just got back from living overseas for a year and my DD there was a skoda octavia total oem car that had brakes that work.I am all for getting brembos thanks decision made ... how many times has this been said here "why do out brakes suck so bad"?
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