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Autoxing the Legacy, alignment specs?

Inigo Montoya

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So I need to go and get an alignment done on my 06 GT, and this fall I am going to be doing a driver's school.


Now normally I autox a miata, but letting the wife take the miata for the entire driving school will be good for her (I still beat her) so I still want to have a bit of fun.


So I am looking for a good Daily Driving alignment spec that will be more aggressive than the stock settings. I do still have to commute using this car so I will probably not be playing with the Toe, but what can be done with camber/caster on these cars and still keep them reasonable for a long (40 mile each way) drive everyday?


Car is stage 2 with hawk HPS pads in the rear. No suspension work and I will probably have HPS pads in the front by the time I run. Car has 225 Kuhmo ASXs all around on stock rims.

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