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OMFG *%&$ @$^% *!+$ @*#% Yeah thats editing and its a bad week


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Yeah so i am driving out of the parking lot at my job and feel my car just give a slightly weird twitch or shimmy turning out of the lot, no big deal really. Then I realized that the car was pulling kind of hard to the left. SO i thought ok low tire preasure, but they looked fine. Then i pulled over cause of the violent shaking of the car and realized it was a flat. After getting the tire off I realized that there was no way in hell that this was just gonna be a patch and forget it :(


RIP RE070's :(











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yeah totally bad alignment, too much neg camber and hard driving. I was running wide wheels and had more camber to fit them and didnt change it back for these. Oh well snows and an alignment are happening next week.


I am not sure what the offset of the wheels are off hand but they are stock STi BBS wheels and tires. I doubt it was rubbing the strut cause i have coilovers and have run 18x8.5s with a 52mm offset and had no issues, but it did have lots of camber. Next step is adjusting to a more civil camber and getting a good alignment.

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