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Short ram intake


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I have a 2001 Subaru Legacy L. I've been looking for a short ram intake, and having a really hard time finding one. I've only found one, and it's a Weapon-R, which I have been advised to avoid because of quality. I've heard that an AEM Prelude SRI works on my model, but am not totally sure.


Anyone know of an SRI for my car, besides this one?



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I just bought one after searching on subaruoutback.org from cosmos racing. I have not received it but the intake received good reviews. The SRI is $75.xx.


I can let you know if it is any good once I get the intake.




I installed the intake this Monday evening. It is a pretty straight forward installation and so far no CEL. My only complaints about the kit are the tubing was the wrong size and there were no instructions. I made a trip to Lowes and found some Goodridge tubing that worked perfectly. I ended up mounting the intake to a hole on the intake valve which actually worked out quite nicely.


Seat of the pants impression is definitely increased throttle response. HP seems to have increased slightly and the powerband is smoother. My wife really likes the intake! It is a little loud at WOT, but I think a better filter might help with the sound.

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