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Cel code "66" need help desperatly


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hello people... i have posted this in many different threads but havent found a reply... so i decide that i make a new thread.


i have this problem in my sub and i really cant figure it out...


ODI self test CEL is showing numb 66, i checked every where but i just cant find that code, its not there even in the manual.


so when the CEL light for this number comes... the car doesnt rev above 4000rpm and starts sort of pushing the rev to 3200 from 4000 (sort of jerking).... this happens after i have floored the car and then slowed down like in the round about or a junction) and then when i want to floor it again (it starts pushing the rev down from 4000) or some times when i floor the car when the engine is a bit cold.


please guys, i really want to sort the car out as i just cant enjoy the drive when i kno there is a prob...


i even changed the primary turbo just to make sure that it wasnt the turbo as the car moves perfectley when the light hasnt come on.


any help will be highly appreciated, thanks in advance.

i drive a 95 lgt, twin turbo, automatic transmission.

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