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GMU Subies?


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So, I'm a cummuter, but every time I pull into or out of a lot, I see Subies all over the place. I find it hard to imagine I'm the only student on these forums, but I'm the only one in the GMU Motorsports club. So, I'm here trying to find any GMU-ers with a Subaru that've been hiding away.


I know there's at least one other LGT, but every time I spot him, I'm on foot. One of these days, though. One of these days.


That said, anybody that attends GMU (read: not just Subaru owners) is welcome to join the GMU Motorsports Club. There are no fees or dues, and it's a very casual environment. Usually we meet up once or twice a month and cruise to some event, be it a movie, dinner, or more typically, the weekly Chic-fil-a car show near Dulles. Friends, family, and alumni are welcome. Post or PM for details.

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