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Compilation Of Available Bumpers?


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Hello, I bought my 07 legacy last year and i just paid it off this month, so now i can add some mods to make it look more appealing. I have few questions which i hope you guys can help me with. Im looking for a new front end, no fiberglass. What bumpers (JDM) are available in are factory (USDM) bumper material from japan only? I was hoping theirs a thread such as the "Compilation Of Available Grills" so new members like me and others have a quick reference. If you guys can post up pics/names of the bumper id appreciate it. Now theirs few things im confused about, after searching i see we need JDM beam and absorber what is that exactly? Beam=crash bar? and Absorber=abs foam? Also any cutting with JDM bumpers or just installing the new beam/absorber.
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Well been doing my own research since I didn't get any response. If someone can double check for me, if my research is correct i'd appreciate it. Hopefully once i narrow down the abs plastic jdm bumpers, i can order it. This is what i gathered so far with the search.



1. K2 Front Bumper

2. Albero

3. Gialla Type R Front Bumper

4. Liberal Albero Front Bumper

5. Burnout bumper



1. 3.0 R

2. JDM Spec B

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