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What Up and Dp 05 legacy gt mt


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Hello Guys: I have a 05 legacy gt 2.5 Mt with the AP V2 and I want to go to stage 2. I have been researching some posts but I did not find the answer. I am thinking to buy Perrin Up and Perrin Dp cat, or Invidia DP Cat and keep the OEM UP. I live in Texas and I am concern about passing the state vehicle inspection. Also I do not know what parts deliver more performance and durability.

Thank you Emilio :confused:

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Lots of posts out there.


DP: I have a Cobb with a high performance cat...so if you're concerned about emmissions, maybe that's a good one for you.


UP: Definitely get rid of the stock UP (it has a cat in it, not to smart just before the turbo) and get a catless aftermarket. After battling leaks, I like a flex UP. I have an integrated one with headers, but seems like some like the Grimmspeed and TurboXS uppipes. There are various non-flex ones too (e.g. Cobb makes one). Speaking of that, if you're interested in my Cobb UP (it's solid, not flex though) let me know now that I have my headers installed.

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