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Hunting for LGT(Canada)


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Hi guys, I'll be hunting around for 05 LGT sedan. I'm glad I've found this forum, looks like a good community.

My personal choice for cars is right now either 05LGT or 2001-2003 Nissan Maxima. I recommended my dad an Infiniti I30(maxima equiv) couple of years ago, but we aren't too happy with it, it's kind of quirky. Plus 02+ maximas often burn oil and that isn't fun. I can get maxima cheaper, but I'm just not sure about fixup costs. My dad's car threw anything that could be wrong with a maxima at us, o2 sensor, some more sensors, ingition coils, callipers siezed up, wrapped rotors early a few times...so I'm kind of cautious about those cars...


I've been eyeing a few cars in the classifieds, but mostly those that are closer to Canadian border(Ontario). Since my wife is just getting her license now, I'd have to get an auto, I'll have to teach her driving the stick a bit later, she got enough learning and is new to driving anyway. this would probably be one car in fam, my 96 altima still runs, but is kinda scary. I do 100mi rountrip to work everyday and I need something reliable, plus awd I'm sure will help, cuz I go through a country road half way and from what ive seen once, it gets very bad in winter.

From what I see the private sales are around 15k for a 50-60k miles car in US.

What I found locally, is a little bit strange, most LGTs go for at least 15+ from a dealer. I found one nearby for 14k. It's got 60k on the clock, sunroof, but not leather. I called and asked up front if there's anything wrong with car like salvage or something, but the guy made an excuse that they have a small(2 people) dealership and they move cards in quantity with small mark up, rather than marking up high. Well, that's a pretty lame explanation, how are they making money hehehe. I'm going to see it today, but not holding my breath at all.

I'm pretty set on 05-06LGT, but with my budget, around 15, I'll be more likely to get into an 05, don't really want to get an n/a 2.5i. I really am not sure if I want to buy a 15k car though, because I also want to buy a house within a year or two. I looked at prev gen 2002-2004LGT, but it just isn't as sexy :). Prev gen will probably do it for me, but I think I finally deserve a good car (graduated and got my first job this year).


I've read through most of the maintenance forum and so far I like it. I could probably do some of the work myself, since I can't find a trusted mechanic around my area (I don't do much work myself, but from things Ive tried I think I can pull some of the jobs off). The only thing scaring me shitless is the price of the cat converter... I had to replace the one at the front on my altima 2 yrs ago and it cost me $800 work included, so I don't think it's bad, but prices mentioned in the cat topic are insane :o.


Well if you got any thoughts please share. I'll be posting back about my findings today. I'm a Subie newbie. hey that rhymes.


Thanks for your time ).

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Good luck in your search.


I'm a previous Maxima owner (00 manual and 01 auto) several years ago. Really wanted an 07 Maxima but was unhappy with my local dealer's price. Test drove an 06 Legacy 2.5i. Really enjoyed the car but thought it was underpowered.


Went on a quest to find an LGT and pulled the trigger on this one. Have nothing but wonderful things to say about the car and the community.


Keep looking and don't settle until you find what you want.


Good luck.

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Talk to JP (hunghigh88). He works at Willowdale subaru in Toronto. Maybe they may have something that's worth for you to come down and look at.


As fonts said, don't settle. I was told this exact thing by another local Leggy owner when I went on a search for one a few months back. I'm glad those words stuck. I got what I wanted and for a price almost better than I could ever want really.


If you really feel like the turbo 05+ LGT, then stick to it and keep your eyes peeled. May I also suggest looking in US for a good deal. I was planning to go that route and even had contacted a few sellers on the boards and was going to be looking at their cars until I passed by a local dealership and saw the exact car I wanted basically for the same money that I'd pay in the states.


Good luck and hopefully you'll find exactly what you want rather sooner than later :)

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