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Words cannot describe the awesome (CLOSED)


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I wasn't sure about the first one, but it's good to read that it wasn't fatal.


The second one is much harder to fake than to actually experience. I have seen the same thing happening a few years ago (oh make that about 20) and that was awesome to see.

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no, it's really not. It may be a bad scan of the picture, but it is really real


Despite the link, I still say fake.


With waves crashing around the lighthouse like that, the handrail would have disappeared, so would the little bench there. The windows on the lower level would have been smashed too.

Anf if the lighthouse keeper wanted rescuing, he would be standing on the parapet at the top, not at the bottom.


Or maybe I'm just a cynical old bastard :lol:

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Guest JessterCPA

First pic is real...Guichard is the photographer...he was in a helicopter taking pics of the lighthouse, when the keeper saw the chopper & thought it was a recuse, so he came out the door, only to re-enter as the wave came around..there are a series of 7 pics or so which capture it.





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