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responsiveness of 6 vs turbo


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Hello all,


Does anyone have experience that would answer the following questions?


I owned 2005 LegacyGT that I updated with a Cobb access port. This was a very aggressive, very sudden car. A blast to drive for fun, but in some ways it was tiring to drive for a long period of time due to stiffer suspension, quicker steering, and slam-bam turbo kick-in. I now am 62 years old and want a car that's pleasant to drive on a 30 mile each direction commute in heavy freeway traffic. I'm wondering if the new 6 cylinder Legacy (which I know to have less overall acceleration that the turbo) is more pleasant to drive than the turbo for my particular purposes. For example, is acceleration good enough in 60 mph traffic? Does it move away from a dead stop better than the turbo? Any obvious flat spots in the power curve? Also, does anyone know if the springing in the 6 is stiffer than in the normally aspirated 4? Any feedback re the above greatly appreciated.

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are you talking about the 3.0R? i think the suspension is stiffer than a regular legacy due to the bilsteins. but as for acceleration, it's got a pretty steady torque curve. pulls decently but obviously you're not going to get the turbo feel.


an acquaintance got one. i wouldnt get one. i bought the car for the turbo. but it handles well.


best thing to do is head on over and get a test drive in. one person's soft is another person's stiff. :p


hope this helps. might want to try out the forester too. heard very nice things about that car.



car for sale. PM me!
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LGT has crappy suspensions that neither handles well, neither is comfortable.


3.0R comes with Bilsteins (mildest of the bunch) that are very nicely tuned, handles tons better and is much more comfortable that the crap they put into (non-SpecB) GT or 2.5i.


Can't speak for the engine (I would not want one, particularly with slushbox), but given your priorities you should be happy.


Test drive one.

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I traded my 05 M/T GT for one and was disappointed in the performance and traded it in on a SpecB.

It sounds like it's the perfect car for you though. I missed the torque and fun factor of the turbo and MT.

The 3.0R is a very smooth motor and great car for cruising though. It's just too smooth for me.

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