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Fuel injection hose replacement

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Hey all. My wife has an '01 LL Bean wagon and I have a quick question.


Several months ago I was replacing her fuel filter, and accidentally cut the fuel injection hose, a bit (the run that goes between the engine and filter, not the filter and toward the firewall). I got some replacement, it's Good Year 5/16."


It appeared at the time to maybe be slightly off, insofar as diameter, but fit pretty well. I got the clamps back on and all of that. Yesterday my wife smelled fuel while driving, and today it was worse, on her way to our office.


I drove over and checked it out; it was dripping from the engine side of that same hose. I tightened the clamp and it stopped.


I have no problem occasionally doing this if necessary, but what size hose is stock? Might just be easier to spend a few bucks and not have to worry about it. Maybe it is indeed a little too big, I don't know.



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