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Maniac in a GT Wagon on Rt7 connector/I95 South


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I was driving my base model towards stamford from wilton last night.


I'm getting on the connector and passing the guy in front of me... I move over and a FAST moving car comes up in the left lane... BLOWS right by me (I was getting on it).


It was a blue GT Wagon...


It went by so fast I couldn't tell if it was a GT or what so I gave chase... Wasn't really going all out as the base model really doesn't inspire confidence in me.


But eventually I caught up and passed (I'm sure he just yielded). Then I let him by...


Not sure if he was really taking off once on 95 but I was suprised by how easily I could catch/keep up with him seeing as it was a GT and mine was a base...


Again I was NOT going all out either. I'm assuming he was hardly getting on it I guess...


Anyway, it was fun, I slowed down after finding out it was a GT.


If you post here...


You drive like a nut.lol.

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