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looking at a 03 legacy gt sedan


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i am looking to a subaru to replace my vw not awd. I just want a subaru legacy sedan and awd for the winter. I am in Anchorage alaska. I am not stuck on a gt or anything just 02 or newer to get financing. 13,000 is my highest price I would go but that is a little high. I just want one with a sunroof. I was all set to lease a new subie but lease offers do not apply to alaska
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aw I see. too bad. my 05 LGT will be placed for sale later in the next few days, but sorry, a bit more than $13K for it. :lol: not sure what going rates are on 03, but you should definitely have it looked at and gone thru before committing to buy. Conti does pre-inspection for about $100. well worth the money imo. Good luck to you!


Also, check out the rest of the local crew here in A-town. We're usually hanging out on NASIOC in the AKIC chapter. Next big meet is our Denali meet at the end of the month, last Fri and Sat this month. :)

Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah!!!
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