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Perrin Rear Swaybar, Wheres my front? Pics inside


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Got the rear end swaybar, nice brackets to reinforce that little chincy piece of metal that holds the rear swaybar. Still no rear endlinks, or front swaybar yet. I still installed this to get it out of the way. Took one hour to do, the only thing that I ran into, is I had to take my one piece Catback off the car, couldn't get the swaybar off around the exhaust since it is all tig welded in one piece and is close the the swaybar!


Notice that applying power around a corner is much more planted, but without a front swaybar, It doesn't feel like it improved handling much, except at slow speeds the car feels a little flatter. Plus the stock endlinks are chincy also, but Oh well gotta wait. Perrin said the fronts are on the way next week, I guess we will see. HATE FREAKIN WAITING!!!!!


I installed mine on the middle adjustment of the bar, and will do the maximum setting of the front when I get it. Oh, yeah, one last thing is that the powdercoat on this bar sucks ass. I barely touched the bar anywhere, but if I did, it immediately would knock off the paint. Like it was painted by spray cans. I don't care, It is a steel bar, and I live in Vegas. I just touched up the paint with some red paint from AutoZone.




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I'm in the same boat. Ordered Perrin Fr/Rr swaybars and endlinks back in mid-December. Got the front endlinks right away. Rear sway arrived TODAY! Still don't have front swaybar or rear endlinks (gotta love that mix-match situation).


I'm tired of hearing from Perrin that the "problems" are about 2 weeks away from being solved. Perrin sure seems to be draggin their ass on this problem.


I've gone ahead and scheduled my install work for Friday, Feb. 4th. If the rest of the P-parts don't show up by then, I'm going to.........wait some more. I was planning to return to get my LGT dynoed about a week after the install anyway. I sure hope that Perrin comes through by then so that I can get the sways and links put on together.

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