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EDM Roof Console does not fit USDM Legacy Sedan


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This item was actually purchased a few months back from CC-B for $200. It arrived relatively quickly from CC-B and I decided to share with ya'll my experience. I know it is a bit expensive for such small item, but personally I fancy little compartments and gadgets.


Upon recieving, after opening the box, the content proved to be quite perplexing. There were no instructions to be found and for someone who is not mechanically challenged as myself, still have a hard time figuring out where to put what. Nontheless, I decided to tackle this project and documented here for you all.







The two stock dome lights were the first item I removed, and I tried to fit them onto the roof console. Immediately I realized something was not right. While the rear dome light fits perfectly, the front dome light assembly was not large(or long) enough to fill the space in the designated area.



With that in mind the next time I visited my local Subaru dealership I took the time to examine some of the Legacy and Outback they had. I noticed that all Legacy sedan had what I have, while the wagon and Outbacks have a larger dome light assembly which also have a built in sunglasses holder in them.


I'd figured maybe if I buy that specific part then I can still make the roof console work for me, but then I test fit the console on the roof itself, the contour of the console does not match with my roof lining at all!!





Its harder to see where the gap is, but in actuality the gap is far more pronounced and it is obvious that this part is not designed to go with the sedan.


The same time I was at the Subaru dealership, I also paid attention to the roof lining shape between the sedan and the wagon. As I initially suspected, there is some difference between the sedan and wagon.


So based on my subjective observations, I am almost willing to put my money that the roof console is designed for wagon only.

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So the story goes, I contacted Eddy as soon as I have all my fact stright. He requested that I return the merchandise which I do along with a tracking number. Then as I followed up as soon as he recieved the item. I got absolutely no replies from him whatsoever. Which lead me to agree with majority of the members who had dealt with CC-B in the past.


Along with more emails, my tone was less polite and more serious. Finally, I got a reply from who I think is his wife. She apologized about the situation and refunded my money back on my card immediately. Other than hassels, time wasted, and delays, I give them a neutral rating(I am an avid ebayer).

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