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LACR anyone??


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my friend invited me to go next wed or fri (2/2 or 2/4).


ive never been there and never had anyone to go with. im all stock but what the hell, his buddy has an S2K that ran a 15.0 there (before correction) and he wants to see the LGT in action ... so i figure lets ALL show him :)


anyone interested ?

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IMHO wednesday night is the night to go. A lot less people, so you'll get a lot more runs in. Best I ever managed at LACR was 14.3 with my Old car (99 Tiburon turbocharged). I'm not expecting the OB 5EAT to best that untill I throw some mods under the hood.


With my current job, I don't get off work till 6pm, so I wouldn't be able to make it up tihere till 8pm. Hopefully others will come along.

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