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Invite to work trackside at LB Grand Prix


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a buddy at work invited me to join his "team" of volunteers to work trackside at the upcoming Long Beach Grand Prix in April. it seems he's been doing this for 11-years now. he's worked his way up the priority ladder to where he gets to pick the spot on the track to be posted at.


from what he describes, you get a really cool, up-close-and-personal experience. there is a parallel concrete barrier/high fence that separates the track from the fans. the volunteers get to stand in the safety zone between the barriers. he says that means you can get right up to the first line fence and FEEL the cars going by at way high triple-digit speeds!


the job is not track safety like waving yellow flags or anything. its mostly just extra sets of eyes to look for anything that the track officials would want to know about. things like debris on the track, fluids leaking, or stupid fans trying to get on the track, etc.


there's not much to it joining. you just have to be "sponsored" by someone who's done it before. he says it is an all-day, two-day commitment. you have to be at the designated spot by 8 AM and stay there until pickup after 5 PM. there are porta-potties, water coolers, etc. it's a pretty simple duty but the opportunity to stand truly trackside sounds cool.


the best part is it's all FREE! you get a special-access ticket, a T-shirt, a hat, etc. he said if you arrive early (and he always does like 6 AM) you can walk thru the pits and into the garage. Way cool!:D

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