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My AUX-IN solution...


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Okay, after looking around, reading many posts in many places, and making all sorts of phonecalls, this is what I think I'll do. Or, rather, since I can't do squat when it comes to car audio - I'll have someone do this for me. OH - this is going into a 05 Outback XT wagon.


1. Replace the stock speakers. I know this has nothing to do with the aux-in, but I'm doing it anyway. I'm thinking about four MB Quart RCE216 speakers - the are going for about $160 on ebay and about $299 at a local store.


2. Purchase the HPX from Audio Control. See it at:



This unit takes the signal from the head unit and converts it/filters it/cleans it/alters it so that it can then be fed into an amp that will drive the speakers.


The HPX has an aux-input right there on the front of the unit. I called these folks, chatted with them on the phone (very nice) and they think that this will serve this purpose perfectly. I have found it advertised on the web at various stores from about $220 - $290. Try Froogle.


3. Buy an amp that is small enough not to be seen but big enough that it will drive the speakers respectfully. Anyone have any amp suggestions for me? Small, bang for the buck type. Let's assume there will be no subwoofer.


4. Feed the aux-input and power connection through the arm rest/box in the middle.


5. Drive away poorer, but happier.




- ChgoMike

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I was going to do something very similar to you (see "Direct MP3 connection without the head unit?" thread), but without this fancy device (sounds pretty cool by the way). I actually bought everything I needed and took it to a professional for help with the amp install. He thought my idea was ok, but that there'd be a lot of noise and gain problems (you may not have this problem since you have this cool HPX processor), so he ended up pulling off centerpunch's direct connection solution (not for the faint of heart). As a result, I have an amp (and other crap) that I won't be needing. I can't say I know much about amps, and never got far enough to get this one up and running. It's a Kenwood KAC-6401 4 channel amp (4 X 30 watts), so it's kinda wimpy, but still an improvement over the stock stereo, which is think is somewhere around 25 watts/channel... anyway, feel free to check out the specs... i'd be happy to sell it to you (PM me if you're interested). Anyway, good luck with everything, and be sure to report back with the results.
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So does that mean you will use the volume control on this new audiocontrol box for listening to both your ipod and your standard head unit signals (AM-FM-CD)?

That's a good question, but I don't think so. I should be able to adjust the volume by the signal going into the HPX unit, which would be the head unit or my iPod. I'll look into it for certain, though...

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The instructions for the HPX unit say you turn your head unit up all the way and then use the volume control on the HPX unit.......

Audio Control told me that although this is the preferred method, volume can be controlled from the head unit or ipod. In this case the HPX would be set to about 80% of full volume. Though this would be sub-optimal performance, I think it would still beat the pants off the current performance of my iTrip.

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