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Wheel bolt pattern and offset

blue dragon

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Anyone know what the wheel bolt pattern and offset are for the stock wheels? I am looking at picking up some Rota wheels from http://www.machiii.net for the RE92s, and run some snow tires on the stock rims.


Before anyone jumps on me for using Rotas and not Volk or some other expensive JDM wheel, the wife is the one who drives the Legacy primarily. I have an '02 M3 for the summer and a '97 legacy wagon for the winter ;). I did the Honda thing, and people would be so upset for running "knock off" whees.


After I sold My Integra, I got the M3, and now we traded in our Toyota Matrix XRS for the Legacy GT. Mods so far - 3M clear bra, and Yokohama Ice guard tires :p

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Nothing wrong with Rota's I just bought some 17x7.5 Torques in steel grey in 5x100 bolt pattern with a 48 offset for my winter wheels. They are good wheels that are inexpensive. I would check with Oakos Automotive at www.oakos.com I got my wheels and lugnuts for a really good deal plus they ship for free. I ordered on a Tuesday and they were at my house on Friday. :lol:



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How would u go about finding a hub that would fit the legacy. I realy love this set of konigs but apparently they only 114.3 also all the 5x100 on eBay say 5x100/5x114.3 wats up with that?


Ones that say 5x100/5x114.3 means they have 10 lug stud holes meaning they can be mounted on a 5x114.3 hub or 5x100

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