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Check Engine Light?

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Okay, so late last night I managed to get my Legacy stuck in the snow pretty good, and tried to rock it out by shifting into reverse, backing up, and then shifting into 2nd and rocking forward. After about 25seconds of this the Check Engine light came on. I turned off the car and then spent about 45min digging the car out by hand (yeah, I need to get a shovel or something). I finally managed to free it, but when I drove home the check engine light was on the whole way, and I noticed that the car was shifting automatically at 2500 RPM. That didnt really matter because I had to drive slow anyway. Based on what I've read here and the in the owners manual I think what happened is the transmission fluid heated up so much that the car dropped itself into safe mode (the one that allows you to still get to a mechanic when something is wrong). I just went out and started it now and the Check Engine light was not on, so I think everything is okay now. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem, or if my amateur diagnosis is way off and I should take the car in as soon as possible. Thanks.
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