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Posting Standards and New Moderators


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First of all thanks to everyone who comes and participates in this board. I'm glad I can offer the Legacy community something of worth and I hope you also agree. Over the last year this site has grown beyond my expectations and along with it some growing pains as an admin have occured.


Lately I've been getting numerous complaints on the quality of posts, topics in the wrong forum, and off-topic banter obstructing useful threads. We've had one moderator leave over such things and it's not how I want the board to operate.


Myself and many of the mods were not as online over the holidays as we should have been and things got out of hand. Moving forward we'll be gently nudging proper post habits and adding more moderators to help keep things running as they should. I'd appreciate it as members if you would not take offense of this and allow us to mold the site they way that makes the most sense overall. In addition here are some guidelines for posting:


1) Pick a Forum that makes the most sense. If your question or comment is Technical in any way, it needs to go into the technical forums. Search that forum and see if there are any recent topics you could contribute or continue to build upon. It's ok to repost if the original post is a bit old as new information can become available.


2) Keep the thread on topic. If a person has an question about changing oil and happens to live in the same town, the rest of us don't need to read about it. Send the user a PM or post a 'whats up' topic in the regional forums. It's hard for new users to find the information they need if the thread has gone offtopic. Threads that go offtopic will be warned first by a moderator, and closed completely if it continues. If a thread is useless, it will just be deleted.


3) Respect the Admin and Moderators. We're here to help you and keep this site running. If you have a question about a specific 'nudge' or warning, please PM that moderator for a clarification.


4) Profanity in most cases isn't beneficial to the topic. I understand we're all adults and occasionally things slip, not a problem, but don't get out of hand.



If you are interested in being a Moderator, please PM me directly.. I will read your past posts, check your donation status (may award a few extra points if you are, but not required), and ask other mods if they agree. In a week or so I'll post a poll up of all the potential moderators. Then all members will get to vote. The top 2 will gain moderator status and its limited benefits.


Thanks, and see you around!

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