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Discolored plastic headlights

Bob N

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I have noticed the problem on several Chrysler cars where the headlights start to get little cracks in the surface and the plastic begins to yellow. It got really bad on my wife's last car, a '00 Dodge Intrepid. I wasn't about to spend $350-500 on new headlamp assemblies...so I sanded them down to get off all the old yellowed plastic...then polished them up with some 3M liquid polishing compound. They still didn't look as good as new...but they looked a lot better than before.


After I got my LGT, the wife inherited the '01 Jeep I had....and I have noticed the early stages of the same problem on it...so I'll probably be doing the same thing again soon. Doh!

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That's a bloody good tip. My 98 Fogs are pretty bad too.

Has any tried this on the normal headlights? Same sort of principle, right?


And does anyone know if there are any headlight protectors available?

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