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mix and match brake calipers


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I found a really good deal on the prodrive bbk, but the thing is they only have the fronts. How bad would it be to use another brand ex. stoptechs or cobbs on the rear?


and on that note, does anyone know anything about the prodrive bbk? Nobody seems to be running them.





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You can replace just axle pairs if you want; just be aware that it might throw off your front/rear braking ratio. But hell, even running non-OEM pads does that, so I say go for it.


Same here, 1500 sounds like a very good deal.


If I were you I would get the front BBK, then experiment with different rear pads to get the bias that works best for you.


Also check this thread out:


Brake bias listing







I have AP front BBK with Bobcat rear pads (in OEM calipers). I am not a huge fan of the bobcats, but they stand up just fine in the rear, and they provided me with the brake bias I want.

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