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on no not another price thread


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Ok so invoice on LGT LTD 5EAT is 26869 + ~1000 for EAT



OPtions left aside, what is the lowest i can deal.

I mean how much below invoice?

Who here thinks they got the lowest below invoice on an LGT LTD 5EAT. tell me that and i will try all the tricks in my hat to beat the price they got.


Ideally i would want to pay 26500 but i am wondering if its an obtainable goal.:confused:


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Look at the prices on www.fitzmall.com and see if the dealer can beat that. past that, there are too many variables depeding on location, dealer stock and the phase of the moon.



Looking at fitzmall


Deliver Internet price 27623

Delivered Value Price 27962

(whats the difference between the 2)???:confused:


So i guess i'm looking to beat/match 27623 :confused:

Location is MN

I will be selecting a vehicle from the dealer stock (either silver or black...silvers are so hard to come by):(

i wonder what phase the moon will be next weekend (end of the month of Jan)???:lol:

But like someone else put in another thread that end of the month would be a good time since stealers wanna deal. Also i need to figure out if i wanna buy on the weekend or the 31st (which is the monday after)....whatever will improve my chaces of getting a better deal.

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