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I'm new to OXTs, but have been on Nasioc for quite a while (lurked first, then registered). I'm over in Nasioc OT most often, if I might recognize anyone here (w/ the same screen names). MrsDRum and I were originally planning on getting a WRX wagon out of school, then decided on the F-XT when it came out, since it offered all that we thought was missing from the WRX wagon. Finances led us to wait a little on a new car, and then we drove the LGT/OXT...stick a fork in us, we're done http://forums.nasioc.com/ubb-files/smilies/biggrin.gifhttp://forums.nasioc.com/forums/images/smilies/discomonkey.gif. So we'll be getting an OXT around Christmas time, '05. I just registered here, and will probably lurk for a bit.


Just thought I'd say hi



PS: Here is a cross post link (post #30) (sorry if that's a no-no) of my review of the OXT and our test drive of the ForesterXT/OutbackXT/LegacyGT, all back to back, and our impressions of them. Here it is quoted...

Here's my $0.02 from a test drive we had recently...the next car (an OXT, to spoil the novel) will be hers, so we went more with what she prefered.


We drove an FXT, OXT and LGT all back to back (including a bit of snow driving), all three were 5mts (manual tranny). The Legacy siblings (OXT/LGT) felt much stronger and faster to me. Not a little, but quite a bit faster. I expected with the weight difference, that the F-XT would feel lighter on its feet and faster. In fact, having test drove an F-XT last year, we had our hearts set on the FXT and were full expecting the FXT/FGT/OXT comparison to secure that feeling...we were surprised and wrong ;).


The L-GT felt faster, stronger through the rev band, more refined/composed (no surprise here), and much more solid. For the legacy siblings, you couldn't feel the turbo "kick in", perse, like turbos usually do (WRX is a great example of the "kick in the pants feeling), it just seemed to want to pull harder when the revs crossed from 1.5k to 2k+. We went from a LGT test drive to the FXT, and I expected the FXT to go faster, feel more pull, dance around the LGTs impression...it just didn't feel as strong or planted. It felt like the FXT needed to be proded a little more to get the power, while the LGT/OXT felt like it was nudging you in the ribs...egging you on to push it harder...very eager to go. The LGT "pulled" harder and harder, and the FXT just bounded (even though power was still effortless and quick).


Don't get me wrong, they are both much faster and better than the average car (incl. the college beater Neon we are replacing ;)), but it felt (compared to the FXT) like the L-GT/OXT had it in spades in all catagories. Its costs a little more, but the price difference doesn't ofset the many benefits anyhow. Interior was much nicer, quieter, more refined, had a dual zone auto climate, more room, ect...


The OXT feels a little softer, of course, but not overly so, and didn't feel nearly as tipsy as the FXT (which doesn't even feel that tippy in its own right). My wife really wanted something taller, for ease of ingress and egress of a baby in the back. I wish the OXT wasn't quite so much higher than the LGT (the one I prefered of the three). Actually, I think the OXT would be better about an inch lower. To my wife, they both handled great, with no perceptible difference to her. I could tell some difference, but not a great one. The suspension of the OXT is supposed to be a little softer actually, but never felt any less planted or secure than the LGT. When we go with dedicated summer tires, and snow tires, the handling of the OXT will be greatly increased anyhow, hopefully comparable to the LGT w/ stock tires (a RSB may also be needed too though).


In snow, all three went like stick off crap :eek:, with the OXT having the slight edge in handling/grip/confidence. The FXT was next, with the LGT barely the least. Bear in mind, these differences were so minor, we had to really look for the, No doubt these impressions were a mostly a biproduct of the tires they had more than anything else (OXT=16" all seasons, LGT=17" more performance rated, FXT= 16" Geolanders...ugh). All three had no issue getting up to 60 on a unplowed, 5" deep snowy, backroads. AMAZING how quick these things were even in snow :lol:, we were giggling. It almost didn't feel like we were in snow, the AWD pulled us through so easily. Although, keep the revs down below 3.5k, or keep the gas pedal gradual, or the turbo can still get those 3 wheels spinning quickly, if you try hard enough. Oh, and btw, don't try to start in 2nd like you would in other cars in the snow...stall city. 1st gear and AWD do the job just fine, and the AWD works so well, you can't even tell you're in snow when pulling away from a stop....zero slippage. The ABS stopped us surprisingly quickly :huh:...I didn't think it was remotely possible to stop that fast in snow...all while direction could still be easily modulated with the wheel. How is it even possible to do better with snow tires :confused:?


So for us...storage, room, refinement, power, amenities, ride...goes to the Legacy siblings. I felt like I prefered the LGT to the OXT, for handling reasons...but my wife wanted something higher for baby-action. Well, that and because of the "I feel safer being higher" impression people look for in an SUV. We were NOT buying and SUV...hence the FXT. But between the FXT and the OXT...nod to the OXT :). Much better than buying an SUV, right?


/of my novel :), hope it helps


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