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Nav install in non-nav 06' LGT?

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haha i come through in waves, when i dont feel like doing my homework lol...


Im not only here, jetboating.net, supermotojunkie.com, cr500riders.com, atving.com, nasioc.com, and a few others. although im here mostly


nobody in college wants to talk about jetboats, ATVs, supermoto bikes, CR500 2 stroke dirtbikes, or ATVs, and nobody even knows anything about my toyota camry...

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from what ive heard in other threads hes right on the money. if its an 05 though your in for the hard work



I'm a new LGT owner. Mine's a '05, what's the difference? I'd like to do this as well.


What would it take to get it done?

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