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Mc laren f1 brakes SUCK!

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60-0... 127 feet is dysmal!


The brakes obviously suck because one pass braking has NOTHING to do with the reaction time of the driver. :D


Everybody also knows that braking has NOTHING to do with the conditions and how well the rubber meets the pavement in those conditions! Thats why I can brake just as well in 4 inches of snow as I can on dry 80 degree concrete! :D


Obviusly the brakes must suck because one pass braking distances are ALL THAT MATTER! It obvisously is the end all determination of braking performance!


I find it disturbing that many suv's "outbrake" a Mc Laren F1...







What were they thinking putting 4 piston Brembos on the car everybody knows that they are the WORST BRAKES EVAR!!!! Shame on Mc laren for making brakes that dont compensate for the driver!


They must have got their braking design from ferrari its almost as sucky! http://www.fast-autos.net/ferrari/ferrarif40.html



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I sense your extreme sarcasm but it was a common complaint that the brakes on the F1 were not all that great. Tiff still loves the car though, as do I.




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for a million bucks from a car that weighs about 2300 lbs I would expect the brakes to give crash dummy like deceleration performance. Apparently physics applies for millionares too.


Dont get me started on how much the lamborgini diablos brakes suck!

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Well why didnt the MB boys like at the Porsche Set up, seriously that could stop the World's rotation if they wanted, the tests showed in a showdown with




Carrera GT

Bentley GT

Murcielago and

WRX STi....... j/k


The Carrera GT seriously has WARP stopping power, pulled up some 35 metres ealier than the ENZO at 200KMH. Seriously impressive.



Now only if we could get those on our GT.... hmmmm

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