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Hi all, I picked up my new Black on Black Outback XT Limited on Tues. I am overjoyed. For the past 14 years I have been driving a 91 loyale and she is about dead ( trip to Tahoe in 4wd did it). Sucking down a quart of oil every couple miles. 210,000 miles and that is about all she wrote.


Back in 1991 she was only $12,000 loaded. My new Limited Xt? over $30K!!! Sick.


I cannot believe the timing, its almost like she new when to pass the baton. I will really miss her. She still got 30mpg and had lots of pep too. I think the death knell was crossing into CA from Neveda. I noticed a huge cloud of smoke as I was passing a 16 wheeler. I checked the oil later and she was running 2qts low!!!! Lifters knocking too. She still got me home to Berkeley though.


Subaru 4-ever!

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