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Fantasy WRC! Who is in?


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With enough interest, I'd love to run a fantasy WRC event on the boards here. It's been run successfully for two seasons on Cobb's WRXForum and with a lot of fun. I'd love to see us do something similar here. Essentially we picked 2 drivers, 2 drivers, 2 cars (spec'ed to a certain driver of course) and how they ranked for points, they would be totalled up, kind of like how the WRC does points essentially but you're getting points for each of your 6 options.


It's a lot of fun, but I want to see the interest before I go ahead get the details set.


BTW, the first rally, The Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo starts on January 21st, so I would like to have a go/no go by the end of this week.

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